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FABIANO GARCIA, 41 – updated in 2017


Open Language Science

Work performed at Open Language Science (since 1991):
Translator, International Communication Specialist and Teacher of English and Portuguese. General manager at Open Language Science Institute.

Courses and research development performed at:

Independent student and researcher. Faculdade Trevisan (Post-Graduation on Business Management), PUC COGEAE (Business Communication), London School of Journalism (British Media), San Francisco State University (International Business Diplomacy), Cambridge School of Languages (Certificate of  Proficiency). Saint Giles College, San Francisco (International Standard English for Diplomatic Events).


Twenty-five-year experience in language training programs. Reference  letters available upon request.
1) Main work that has been accomplished (average of 28,000 hours dedicated to one-to-one or group classes):
* English and Portuguese teaching to over 1,000 executives
* English teaching (and/or coordination) to over 4,000 children and teenagers from English schools and “pre-university course – pré-vestibular” schools
* Booklet and method development/ implementation – adults/ teenagers – levels: A1 to C2
* English language researcher in over 30 countries
* Method development in senior citizen colleges
* Job interviews for Human Resource departments and headhunters
* General coordination and supervision of 10 business forums

2) Main work that has been accomplished in translation areas (books and videos):

Electrical gadgets – RICHARD KLINGER S/A

Business – Atlas Copco
Anti visual pollution law –PREF. SÃO PAULO
Chemistry and business – PERTECH
Chemical products  – PERGO
Conference – NOKIA
Conference – HSBC
Conference – Brahma Kumaris –  INDIA
Business  – TOYOTA
Production systems – SAINT GOBAIN
Health figures – MINISTÉRIO DA SAÚDE
Website – Instituto Anna Sharp
Health Values – Brahma Kumaris
Manuals – Harley Davidson
Translation – Science and crop circles
Film (transcription and translation- A Busca) – by Anna Sharp
Conference presentations, travel manuals: Academia de Viagens

Hotel Chains

Defense Industry – CBC

Contracts – Radio Mix

3) Social work/ activities via his course coordination
English basic course and certification to over 700 students from PROAC/ PEAT – Programa de Ação pela Cidadania
GOL DE LETRA – São Paulo
Paroquia São Judas Tadeu

4) First jobs/ Extra jobs:

COOFATI – Cooperativa de Professores: teacher (7 years) , CFO (2 years) , President (re-elected) years 1998-2006

Gal Saneamento e Construções Ltda: general assistant/ purchaser years 1991-1993

Linkedin: https: br.linkedin.com/pub/fabiano-garcia/13/a48/787/