The OPEN LANGUAGE SCIENCE INSTITUTE  integrates three areas of communication:

1) International Cultural and Business Events

2) Translations (with marketing and publicity research/ focus groups) and

3) Customized Language Teaching (Portuguese, English and Spanish) via skype with live laboratory classes in London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.

Group classes

In company classes

Classes via skype

Please write to for full information about our courses.


Connection is key if one wishes to access and assess all the possibilities the world offers. Our aim is to provide students and clients with tools to connect with all possibilities so that they can reap positive results in their lives.


We started our activities in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1994 and since then we have taught English, Portuguese and Spanish to over 7,000 people and organized over 250 events, including special classes, business forums and music gatherings. Students, executives, diplomats, doctors, psychologists and artists have been with us sharing what they know and have created in their lives.


Such numbers represent the experience we have acquired throughout the years and the maturity we have developed to offer you all the best from us.



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