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Generation Y

[B]Michelman[/B]: “Hello, I’m Paul Michelman, Director of Content for Harvard Business Digital, and I’m delighted to be joined today by Tammy Erickson, author of books, articles, and of course, her Across the Ages Blog for Harvard Business Online. Tammy, thanks for joining us today.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Hi Paul, I’m happy to be here.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “Tammy, our subject for today’s chat is managing Generation Y, those selfish, or, sometimes overly emotive, text messaging 20-somethings, who threaten to turn the world of work on its ear.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “Tammy, you’ve written about Gen Yers on several occasions on your blog, and you paint quite an interesting picture. Why don’t we walk through some of your impressions of Gen Yers most notable characteristics, at least as far as the workplace is concerned.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Ok, fair deal.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “So, I’m going to quote you to you for awhile now.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Ah, ok.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “First off, you say that Gen Yers are happy to tackle the big jobs, and they’ll do it with confidence.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Absolutely. Gen Ys, by and large, are the product of Boomer parents, and those Boomer parents have been telling them since they day they were born that they could do anything they stet their mind to, and you know what? They’re ready. They are here in the workforce, they’ve set their mind to it, and their ready for your biggest and toughest job. Bring it on.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “You say Gen Yers are also impatient and they want what they are doing to be enjoyable and meaningful from day one on the job.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Probably a better word than impatience is immediacy. Gen Y is a group that had their most formative teenage experiences be things like 9-11 or Co0lumbine or no Virginia tech. They woke up to a world that was filled with events that were inexplicable, sudden, completely tragic. And, as a result, I think many of them have made a decisions that they need to live life now. They need to get on with the most important parts of their life, and that sense of immediacy of living life in the current, is something that we find very pervasive throughout Generation Y.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “Now as ambitious as Gen Yers seem to be, you reassure managers by telling them that Gen Yers don’t necessarily want your job.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: “Well, that’s true, I’m not if its reassuring or not, but they don’t necessarily want your job. We did a series of focus groups with people around the country, young employees who were in their 25, 26, 27 age group, and had been – most of them – with their corporations for only a year or so, and we asked them, what did they think? How did these crazy places look to them now that they’d had a year or two to get experience within a corporate life. And one of the most dominant themes that came out is that they didn’t want their manager’s job. In focus group after focus group they said: ‘It doesn’t look worth it. I’ve looked at what the person does, the horus they put in, the pressure they face, and frankly, the incremental money they get for doing it, I don’t want any part of it.’ So, it’s not like they are jumping up in down to step on your toes, if you’re a manager. On the other hand, if you’re charged with coxing people in to take some of those middle management jobs, I think you have a tough challenge making them attractive to Gen Y.”
[B]Michelman[/B]: “Tammy, this next one is one of my favorite of your observations. Gen Yers genuinely believe that you want to know what they’re thinking.”
[B]Erickson[/B]: (Laughs) “They sure do. I’ve bet you’ve gotten notes from them, Paul. They’ve grown up in a peer to peer world so they are used to sending information to peers based on their perception on who could use the information and where it could provide the most value, and they come into a corporate environment with that same set of assumptions. So, if they have an idea that they think could benefit you – I don’t care who you are, CEO, Head of Marketing, – if they have an idea, chances are they are going to share it with you. That’s the way they’ve operated up to now, and there is no sign that they are backing off now that they are in the corporate world.”