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English – Essential course – lesson 16/50

By Michael Coles and Basil Lord
Now it is twenty to ten. Arthur is looking through the library window. Mary is there. He can see her through the window but he cannot see Mr. Steele. That is good. Mr. Steele must not see him at this time.
Mary: Gosh, Arthur, you are late!
Arthur: What’s the time, then?
Mary: It’s nearly ten to ten.
Arthur: My God! Is it really? Where’s Mr. Steele? Is he in?
Mary: Yes, he is in his office. Arthur! You aren’t wearing a tie! You must wear a tie in the library. You can’t possibly come to work without one.
Arthur: Yes, you’re right. I can’t. What can I do? Tell me.
Mary: Mr. Steele mustn’t see you. He can’t see us now. His door is closed and he’s talking on the telephone. You must go quickly.
Arthur: I can’t do that!
Mary: Yes, you must. You must telephone Mr. Steele and say you have a headache.
Arthur: But I don’t have a headache.
Mary: Oh, Arthur, you are stupid! Go on now, quickly!
Arthur: But I don’t have a cent for the telephone. I can’t telephone without one.
Question: What does Mr. Steele probably do?