Details that make a difference in our lives, by Elaine di Lella, Consultora em Gestão de Pessoas e Coach –

Meditation: At least 10 minutes every day. Sitting, focus your attention on your breath and don’t feed thoughts, mental confusion and ideas. Keep yourself in a serene and tranquil attitude … relax your mind and body, decreasing you level of anxiety, stress and insomnia. Enable your concentration, memory, creativity and better emotional balance. At the beginning, practice it at least 3 minutes daily and gradually increase the time dedicated to meditation.
Elaine di Lella –

LINK Business concerning quality of life and health: in São Bernardo in São Caetano

Both the “Clínica de Fototerapia” and the “Espaço de Bem com a Vida” belong to friends and students. We do recommend their work in medicine, psychology and quality of life in general. If you want REAL solutions in this area (health), call them … people who have alternatives to offer you in such friendly ways.

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