Don’t let them school ya, change ya or re-arrange ya … In 1994, I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica. Once you’re there, you listen to music everywhere all the time. Yes… the beaches in Occho Rios and Montego Bay are amazing. Jamaicans speak Patwa (they say it’s “broken English”) and English… Teachers teach English speaking Patwa, which is also English … Do you get it? It may be difficult for Latin American people to understand this because in Latin America most citizens are brought up to speak only one language or dialect, but in many countries, shifting languages – language variation and dialects – is something natural. I saw this in Jamaica. Their accent is a mix of British, African (from the British Colonies) and American English. I met, in such country, very spontaneous people who really say … “I don’t let them (the world) change me”.

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