Karaoke powerpoint? Look at TRENDS!

Conferences for kids, inflatable multimedia and holograms. Today we hunt: MEETINGS 2.0.

10. If you know a high school junior who goes above and beyond, they may be interested in the TED Conference for kids. This conference gives youthful high achievers the chance to learn more about the issues they are interested in.

9. The Twitter Powerpoint Plugin is for the presenter that loves Twitter, craves more interactivity with the audience and has a strong stomach for constructive criticism. The plugin allows audience tweets to appear on the PwerPoint screen during the presentation in real-time.

8. How do you make a conference more memorable? Housing it in a 25 million pound conference center is one way to ensure a good experience. The intricate look of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva is sure to make discussions even more interesting.

7. The newest form of corporate embarrassment Is called PowerPoint Karaoke. To play, you are blind-sighted with a deck of funny PowerPoint slides and you have to wing your dialogue. Let the hilarity ensue.

6. Bid farewell to traditional pen and paper brainstorming sessions and say hello to interactive brainstorming tables. These high-tech furniture pieces are surefire way to spark ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

5. Companies will do anything to get more out of their employees. From bizarre office seating to whiteboard-walled capsules, brainstorming just got a whole lot more innovative.

4. Keynotes, conferences and meetings are getting a spherical makeover with the Puffersphere. This inflatable globe-shaped apparatus is a new and exciting way to present multimedia shows.

3. The future of presentations may be headed towards greener technological pastures. The VisionAire Multitouch Holograms make PowerPoint presentations look prehistoric.

2. Creative DNA Australia realized that long commutes and inconvenient public transportation is enough to curb hours of valuable conference and meeting time. That is why they have created this Office Bus that allows you to make use of your travel time.

1. Hot for open-concept workspaces is office furniture that gives you privacy without walls. Now you can have your private meetings, but you can also keep an open environment.

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