by Pedro Gallo, student from the Mastering Course

The Iranian Journalist
Walking through my department corridors I saw a poster talking about this Iranian woman, who was held as a prisoner in Iran and was going to give a lecture about Iran, journalism and Human Rights. I got surprised … such an opportunity to learn from a very rare source (my journalistic mind strikes again) and only a poster was warning us about it?! Nobody in my class was talking about it and I guess none of them was going to see her lecture. As for me, since I saw the poster I couldn’t stop thinking of what things this woman was going to tell the lecture spectators, and how I just wouldn’t forgive myself if I missed it. Also I felt obliged to spread this as much as I could, so I told everybody I knew about this lecture and how this was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. The day of our meeting came and I was excited, just didn’t know what to expect! Then, Roxana Saberi walked in the room and started telling me and the other people in the room this story:
I know it’s mean of me not to tell you what she said in that lecture, but the thing is that I can’t even try to put as much emotion in the story or passion in her mission as she does. What’s left to me is to spread her story as much as I can, and hope that more people become aware of her vision about Iran and about the importance of granting EVERYBODY human rights.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963
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