English – Essential course 18/50-2010

By Michael Coles and Basil lord

Mary: Gosh, Arthur, you are late !
Arthur: What´s the time, then ?
Mary: It´s nearly ten to ten.
Arthur: My God ! Is it really ? Where´s Mr Steele ? Is he in ?
Mary: Yes, he´s in his office. Arthur ! You aren´t wearing a tie. You must wear a tie in the library. You can´t possibly come to work without one.
Arthur: Yes, you´re right. I can´t. What can I do ? Tell me.
Mary: Mr Steele mustn´t see you. He can´t see us now. His door´s closed and he´s talking on the telephone. You must go quickly.
Arthur: I can´t do that.
Mary: Yes, you must. You must telephone Mr Steele and say you´ve got a headache.
Arthur: But I haven´t got a headache.
Mary: Oh, Arthur, you are stupid ! Go on now, quickly !
Arthur: But I haven´t got a 5p coin for the telephone. I can´t telephone without one.
QUESTION: What does Mary suggest Arthur should do?

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